Monday, December 26, 2011


December is my favorite month. I LOVE Christmas. The whole month we prepare, eat special food, sing the songs, I can't get enough.

Kyle was home for most of the month which was so fun. We really like having him around and having the girls play at home so we can watch. Of course, The Assistant to the Assistant Coach was front and center like always. I think this time they were talking game strategy....

Righter had a big month. He rolled over! He rolls from back to front, and he did roll front to back but only once. He is also drooling like crazy. I am waiting for a tooth to pop out but nothing yet. As of today he weighs 10.8. He is sooo skinny but just the cutest little thing. Lucky for him he's so cute because he is still waking us up at night!

Kambree had a big month too. She had her preschool Christmas performance and also a Christmas performance at church. She was so serious and all business. It was adorable.

Kambree was very excited about our trip to the 'North Pole' we took a boat ride on Coeur d'Alene lake and saw the elves and Santa. She was wide-eyed the entire time. I think her favorite parts were seeing Rudolph and the Grinch.

We had a wonderful Christmas. We stayed in Lewiston, just the 4 of us. We went to church on Christmas Eve and made a special dinner. We had steak and lobster. Kambree even got her own lobster.....last year she tried a bite of ours and liked it so we ended up sharing. This year neither of us wanted to share so we bought her her own. Luckily for Kyle and I, she didn't eat it all!

On Christmas morning we did our Santa gifts and then went to church again for Kambree to do her final performance. After church we came home and opened gifts. I really liked how we were able to stretch out the festivities.

Kambree was so fun. Righter liked the paper and putting anything in his mouth. We were all spoiled and had a great time. That evening we had another fantastic dinner with some friends.

For New Year's we will see what happens. Kyle will be in Vegas with the team so the kids and I will celebrate our new year early and hopefully be getting our beauty rest at midnight.

We are looking forward to next year and having fun together.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


This month has seemed to fly by. Kyle's team jumped into the season full-force. They have been on the road almost the entire month. It has not been a bad thing since they are undefeated! Kambree thinks she is either a member of the team or another coach. She got to stand with the girls for the National Anthem and thought she was something important!

If you attend any of the games you can usually hear Kambree sitting behind the bench yelling out plays. Sometimes she calls the play that Coach Brian calls and sometimes she just calls her own plays. She cheers for the girls and tries to get their attention when they are on the court. Her favorite part of the game is when they take her with them to the locker room at the end.

Righter loves the games too. He watches everything and likes all the sounds & lights.

Righter is 2 months old....well, almost 3. He is such a good boy. He loves to smile, laugh and talk. Nobody can get him to smile like Kambree. He adores her.

He looks for her when she is not home and lights up when he sees her. It's a good thing he likes her because she is always in his face!

She is still doing such a great job with him. She is very gentle and loves to mother him to death.

We spent the first week of the month in MT spending time with family. We had a nice visit.

Kyle was in CA with the team and got to see more family. Now that it is Thanksgiving I am looking forward to December when our schedules should settle down a little for the holidays.

We are spending Thanksgiving in ID with Gram & Papa Bruce. Kambree loves having her grandparents around to shower her with attention!

This Thanksgiving I am so blessed. I have 2 wonderful children and the best husband I could imagine. I feel so lucky to be in the life God has given me.

How could you not love that face!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

1 Month Old

Righter is officially 4 weeks old today. How I wish I could still be holding my tiny 1 week old baby boy. I make sure I snuggle him and enjoy each moment since I know first hand that they don't last. He is so alert, even strangers notice how he just takes everything in. He is holding his head up pretty well and finding his hands and feet....more about that later.

His official 1 month stats are:

22 inches

He is already 1.5 inches longer than when he was born! Holy cow! This boy is getting tall and skinny.

A little about Miss Kambree:

Kambree loves to suck her thumb. She admits it. She loves to do it in front of me because she knows it makes me crazy. She is also very proud that she thinks she is responsible for teaching Righter to suck his thumb.

This is what she said to me today:

mom, I need you to look that way? Why? I asked.

Because over there there is not a little girl sucking her thumb. I don't want you to see what I am doing.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

End of Summer Update

In some ways I was so sad to see summer end. I love the warm sun, being outside, water, everything green, ice cream...I could go on forever. But the good part of summer coming to an end was that our lives were totally changed for the better.

Of course we got to meet our sweet baby boy on Sept 1. After months of preparation he made a quick entry surrounded by lots of family.

We went from this...

To this.... in just 3 1/2 hours

Righter's stats were: 8.1 lbs | 20.5 in It is funny because everyone thinks that sounds so big but he looks like such a skinny little guy. I don't know where he's hiding all that weight.

So far he is sleeping like a normal newborn, not much at night. He LOVES to snuggle. We aren't sure who he looks like. He has Vandehey in him but we see so much Palmer too. We have found pictures of him and Kambree that look alike too. I guess we'll give him a few months before we decide.

Kambree calls herself his momma.

She insists on being involved in every part of his life, changing diapers, feeding (she tried nursing him once when he was crying), snuggling, holding him (she tells me she is strong enough to hold him and carry him all by herself) and even monitors him while he sleeps. She is a great big sister.

Kyle has been amazing, of course. He is so helpful and thoughtful. I am so lucky to have him. I would never want to be a parent without him.

Kambree got to start pre-school this year. She was soooo excited.
I didn't know how I was going to react when I dropped her off. There were no tears from either of us. Actually, she was most concerned if we were going to be staying or leaving. She wanted us to leave so she could have her 'big kid' time.

She goes 2x per week for 3 hours per day. They do crafts, spanish, music, dancing, reading, it's a full day for her. She comes home exhausted with stories to tell about her new friends and everything she's learning.

We're enjoying these days and I savor every single snuggle and conversation that I get to have with my babies.

Introducing....Righter Joseph

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party

3 years. 3 YEARS!!

We have sure had a wonderful 3 years with Kambree. She is turning into such a wonderful little person. She is constantly making us laugh, keeping us honest, and challenging us to Disney princess quizzes that she already knows the answers to.

This weekend we celebrated her birthday with over 20 friends and family. Wow, what a weekend we had!

The party was Alice and Wonderland. I have to admit, Kyle and I sure miss her calling it "Alice Underware".

We made tea cups from ice cream cones, card men krispie treats (my personal favorite), Caterpillar Bubbles, tiny wax 'Drink Me' bottles, and 'Eat Me' cookies.

For fun we had 2 of the Queen's flamingos. The flamingos were much more fun in the water sprayers than playing croquet. The funny DoDo bird pens were also a huge hit.

I loved making the Momeraths. They turned out soooo cute! We also had flowers with eyes and the little door knob man. Kambree would've had us make every character but mom ran out of ideas for everything.

Of course the highlight of the day was the cake. I wish I could take credit for it....ok, I found the design idea. Kambree wanted Kyle to make it. When he agrees to get into the kitchen we all have to stay out of his way. He totally takes over. He baked, made homemade frosting, and decorated the whole thing. He did a fabulous job.

Thank you to all of our friends and family who came to celebrate with us. It's so nice to be close to everyone again!

As Kyle and I were thinking about our sweet girl and her big weekend, we began talking about all that she has done in her life. Here are a few of her stats in just 3 years....
Moved four times.....
Lived in four different states.......
Moved a total of 3,500 miles.......
Visited 13 States......
And played in the sand on both coasts.

What will she do in the next three years?

Friday, July 8, 2011

12 Years with the Man of My Dreams

Tomorrow marks 12 years of being Mrs. Palmer. I have really loved every minute of it. We have had so many adventures, fun, and of course, moves (10 moves in 12 years!!!) Last weekend for our anniversary we did 12 fun things together....

1. Ate cinnamon rolls that Kyle didn't have to make
2. Spent some time together...alone.
3. Read a love letter
4. Rode a carousel
5. Took a walk along the river
6. Ate ice cream
7. Went shopping together.
8. Ate dinner (Kyle's favorite, Philly Cheese Steak & Onion Rings
9. Drank Margaritas (Kyle's favorite drink, yes mine was virgin)
10. Watched a movie together
11. Gave each other foot rubs
12. Gave each other 12 kisses

here are some photos of our day together :)